• Produce,trade and distribute pasta at a high quality standard at a fair price, in order to meet, with excellence, the investor´s interest, the motivation of its employees as well as the satisfaction of its customers and partners.
  • Stand as a highly competitive company in the pasta segment and be recognized by its customers and partners for the quality and portfolio of its products and service delivery, in an ethical, perennial and sustainable manner,so as promoting the development of its employees and meeting the expectations of its investors in order to always surpass the increasingly demand level of its customers and partners.
  • Quality: meet the customers and partners expectations through qualified and committed people, besides offering a portfolio of healthy products and flavors exceeding consumer expectations.
  • Trust: achieved through long-lasting relationships, based on good communication, satisfaction, credibility and commitment.
  • Ethics: act with loyalty, trust, honesty, respect and transparency.
  • Our goal is customer service through our chain of distributors, delivering the best quality products. CAPELLE International distributes and represents Brazilian brands seeking the end customer´s satisfaction.
  • The initial phase is the marketing of fresh CAPELLE pasta, which essence is people’s good moments. Synonymous with hygiene, quality and well-being, the Company started its activities in 1996 and operates in the industrialization, commercialization and distribution of pasta, such as pastries, lasagnas, rondelle, cannellonias well as pre-baked pasta for pizzas.
  • CAPELLE is located in the city of Joinville, north of Santa Catarina, Brazil and supplies to large supermarket chains, shops, grocery stores, bakeries, boulangeries, snack bars, restaurants, pastry shops and industrial kitchens as well as final consumer.
  • 22 years of experience in pasta;
  • 2,300 square meters of built area
  • Good acceptance in sales points;
  • Approved chain of suppliers over 10 years partnerships
  • Productive Capacity of 180 tons/month;
  • CAPELLE constantly invests in equipment and training of its employees. The cultures globalization demands new challenges and the search for new markets;
  • Based on this concept, in 2017, CAPELLE started an internationalization project, with the North American and Portuguese Market;

  • Project: Alisson L. Pereira
    Market: USA and Portugal
    Year: 2017

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